Mashina – Rock ‘N’ Roll Business 2010

Mashina – Rock ‘N’ Roll Business 2010

A compilation marking 25 years to Mashina’s first album. Comes with a 145 pages book containing a very extensive history of the band, based on interviews with its five members.

Art Direction | Musical Editing | Box Set Cover Photography | Writer – 145 pages book

Tzav Hashaa 2020

Tzav HaShaa

“Tzav HaShaa” (Call to Action), an album of 50 covers of classic Israeli songs by Israel’s best-known singers produced in support of the struggling local music industry.

The album, put together by Nacht Philanthropic Ventures, is the latest of several cultural projects launched by the Inbar & Marius Nacht Family Foundation in support of the performing arts since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The artists involved in the project include Aviv Geffen, HaDag Nahash, Berry Sakharof, Danny Sanderson and others.

Artistic Advisor

Meir Banai – IN The Name Of Love 2018

Meir Banai

“In the Name of Love – The Concert for Meir Banai” was held at the Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv on 22 January 2018 as a memorial to Meir Banai on the first anniversary of his death. The event was organised by Banai’s Family, and arranged under the musical direction of Moshe Levy and the art direction of Dror Nahum.

Art Direction

“1900?” – Fortis and Sakharof – Vinyl 2020

“1900?” – Fortis and Sakharof – Vinyl Reissue Producer 2020

Vinyl Reissue Producer

Lahaka Rhetorit Vinyl 2016

Lahaka Rhetorit – Limited Edition CompilationVinyl 2016

Music Consultant