About Me

Dror Nahum

So You’ve made it this far, you deserve to learn a bit more about me. Nice to meet you. I’m Dror Nahum, founder of DRN Media. I live in Inverness, Scotland, where the seagulls (much hated by the locals) and cows are particularly friendly. I’ve watched the Rolling Stones live 15 times and David Bowie 6. I could watch him forever.


I founded DRN Media, to bundle up my talents and experience and offer them to you. I have years of experience as a hands-on music and media consultant, who’s worked with Israel’s most prominent artists for over two decades. So whatever your business needs online – from social media presence, to brand awareness, to growing your sales, explainer videos, still photos or pure musical consultancy on your repertuar, your film or TV show, I’m your man. Drop me a line.